I’m always available for…

– Interviews via email (e.g., my ‘Research Radar’ interview)
– Mentoring (details here)
– Freelance writing commissions
– Republishing previous editions of The Sunday Letters, either as-is or with updated/expanded material
– Serving as an on-the-record source for forthcoming works in my areas of expertise (e.g., this article in the McGill Tribune on the impacts of science fiction on modern technology)
– Contributing guest posts
– Serving as a guest editor

Please note: although I’m always looking for new opportunities from this category, I’m unable to accept every request. I do, however, give a great deal of consideration to every pitch that comes across my desk.

I’m often open to…

– Being interviewed for a podcast (e.g., my episode on the Contemplify podcast with Paul Swanson)
– Collaborations with other writers, researchers, and data scientists